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Cadastral Asset - Bitland Land Registry.

Introduction to Bitland Global.

Cadastral is the asset issued to support all the activities associated with the initiative called Bitland Global. The project aims to offer a credible method, at the moment in Ghana, to register land ownership rights and some of their derivatives such as mining, loans, etc. Ofcourse this is a project that can unleash real development in Africa contrary to the growth we have experienced previously on the same continent and elsewhere.

The plan is to work with associated Non Governmental Associations, not clear if already established or newly established by Bitland Global, in the local markets they introduce the service.

Cadastral – Bitland Technical information.

Apart the issue of Cadastral capped at 30 million units, the company plans to create a fund of fiat currency to function as a reserve. It will be funded by a 20% of the revenue generated and it will be used to support Cadastral price if necessary.

The most critical components of the project are perceived to be:

  1. Internet infrastructure to access the blockchains,
  2. Enforcement of land ownership,
  3. A system for exchanging Cadastrals.

Each one has different level of focus, the most important being the first one, as they will need a lot of assistance from anywhere they can receive it from, in terms of grants and technical expertise.

Potential aspects.

This blockchain based solution may be coupled with other initiatives such as Keepod and local communities issued cryptocurrencies. In such a case those communities will be able to significantly take most matters on their own hands, rather than relying upon completely corrupt central Governments, at least not more than they can afford currently.

Gradually they will be able to further decouple from central Government structures as blockchain based services are being developed and deployed.

If you are interested to get into the details of the asset and the activities of the company you may start reading at Bitland Global News webpage.

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